mSufara - Arabic letters and tajweed

The application "mSufara" is intended for all those who want to learn the Arabic alphabet (harps) and to teach the rules of correct reading of the Qur'an

Available in 5 languages: English, Bosanski, Türkçe, Shqip and Deutsch

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Learn to read Quran with mSufara app

Easier then ever

Looking to learn the Arabic alphabet and read the Quran with ease? Look no further than the "mSufara" app!

Modern and Fully Responsive Design

With a sleek, modern design and eight unique themes to choose from, this app is the perfect tool to help you master Arabic letters and tajweed rules

Lessons with audio and video examples

"mSufara" offers audio examples for every lesson, as well as video examples for Tajweed rules

Test yourself and practice reading Quran

Check your knowledge and practice reading Quran verses in app

Best Features

Check out mSufara app features

Beginners friendly

App is designed to be easy to use for beginners

Video examples

Tajweed rules lessons have necessary video examples from the Quran to make you easy to understand the rule

Modern Design

App has modern design and 8 themes available to make users enjoy in learning

Practice reading with app

Practice reading with app reading during listening some of the most popular qariahs

Audio examples

All lessons has necessary audio examples which help you to learn to pronounce words better

Fully Responsive Design.

Either you use app on smart phone or tablet, you will have a great experience


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Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, "mSufara" is the perfect companion to help you on your journey to mastery. Download now and start your Arabic learning journey today!

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